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Chocolate Hills, the Philippines



During the wet season the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the Philippines, are vibrant and green. Visit when they dry out to see where they truly get their name.

Photograph by Afriandi, Getty Images

In rainy season these conical hills are more green than chocolate, but once the rains stop the Chocolate Hills turn brown. Consisting of about 1,776 mounds jutting up from the island of Bohol, the hills are a national geological monument of the Philippines. Geologists theorize that karst rocks eroded in unison and formed the hills, leaving behind a landscape now covered in flora. Several local legends offer more colorful explanations. Among them: Two giants went to battle, hurling stones and sand back and forth until they were too tired to fight. Left in their wake? The perfectly formed Chocolate Hills.

Getting There: From Tagbilaran, Bohol’s capital, take a tour to the hills, or DIY via a bus to Carmen, followed by a 10-minute walk from the main road.


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