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Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, Vietnam-China Border





Ban Gioc-Detian Falls

This aerial footage offers a captivating look at the expansive falls that sit on the border of China and Vietnam.

Jimmy Tran, Shutterstock

Much like Niagara Falls, straddling the United States and Canada, Ban Gioc-Detian Falls sits on a border in Asia: that between Vietnam and China. Surrounded by karst rocks and green forest, the twin waterfalls tumble down in tiers to the Quay Son River below. While the waters’ vertical drop is slight, the width of the cascades make for an impressive sight. Swimming is prohibited, but you can take small bamboo rafts to the very edge of the falls. During the hot rainy season from May to September, the Quay Son swells, widening the water flow considerably.

Getting There: On the Chinese side, the falls are three to four hours from the city of Nanning, with a daily bus leaving the Langdong bus station in the city. Day tours can also be arranged via Nanning. From the Vietnamese side, the falls are around 225 miles from Hanoi, and buses leave the My Dinh bus station for Cao Bang city. From there, a second bus will drop you off at the falls.

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