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Diabetes is a serious illness that affects over 29 million people in the United States.

There is good news. Diabetes can be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and using FDA-approved medicines, insulin, and devices every day. FDA has lots of free information to help you manage your diabetes.

General Tips

Check these resources for tips to help you manage your diabetes.

Diabetes Treatments

Some people with diabetes need to take diabetes medicines or insulin to help keep their blood sugar at a healthy level. What you need depends on your health and the type of diabetes you have. Use these resources to help you talk with your health care provider about your diabetes treatment.

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Some women develop diabetes for the first time when they become pregnant. This is called gestational (jes-Tay-shun-ul) diabetes. Other women have diabetes before they get pregnant. Use these resources to help you talk to your health care provider about how to manage diabetes during pregnancy.

Diverse Women in Clinical Trials Campaign

Clinical trials can help doctors learn more about treatments for diabetes. The FDA Office of Women's Health is partnering with the NIH Office of Research on Women's Health to raise awareness about diverse women of different ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, and health conditions participating in clinical trials.

Visit the Women in Clinical Trials webpage to learn how women with diabetes can make a difference.

Other Resources from the FDA

Information from Other Government Agencies and Offices

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